Our guests


President of Latvia (2007 – 2011)
Valdis Zatlers

Popular Latvian actor - Pauls Butkevichs

El Rico & Patrool, Aleksandr De Maar and"D-Voice" sing in Hip-Hop and RnB style.

 Flamenko guitarist - Andris Karklinsh
(Photo: Latgales laiks)

Ambassador of Switzerland to Latvia - 
Anne Bauty

DJ's from Germany: Patrool and Pee Maar

Russian folk song singer – 
Pelageya Hanova

Russian comedy actress - 
Jelena Vorobey

Popular Moscow theatre troupe

Latvia hip-hop singer - Ozols
(Girts Rozentals)

British motorcycle speedway rider – 
Lee Richardson

Russian comedians - 
Sergey Chvanov & Igor Kasilov


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